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Thursday, June 22, 2017

T-Shirts are Tough

So I just finished my first t-shirt and I have to be honest with you...I wanted to set it on fire so many times and just be done with it.  But I kept charging on, mistakes and all.  I only had two yards of this black jersey knit fabric, which means I only had one shot at this shirt.  There was no way I was going to quit and just waste this material.

I'm not going to did not come out very well.  Chalk this one up to a learning experience.  The next time I make this, it's going to rock out.  The pattern was not very hard to follow.  In fact, it was kind of super simple.  What was getting me was the dang fabric.  This stuff has a pretty good stretch to it and it LOVES to roll up at the edges, making sewing a seam an exercise in patience. 

At the base of the placket, you might notice that it puckers a little bit.  The collar is a little rough and my right shoulder...well, if you have a good eye, you can tell that the seam on my right shoulder is inside out.  That's right, I'll admit it...I sewed it on the wrong side.  This mostly happened because I was already frustrated with the darn thing and was just not paying attention.  So, this is going to be a shirt for me to wear, probably to the barn! 

I love this fabric though.  Jersey knit is so soft and comfortable.  I have some more jersey in a gray color.  I'm not really sure if I want to try and make another one of these t-shirts or make a tank top with it or another polo.  I can tell you this though, whatever I do next, you will see it right up on here.  Everything from the perfect sewing project to my Frankenstein t-shirts!

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